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  1 Sept 2004
DHC selects MOS5 hosting service
  23 June 2004
Before You Buy a Web Hosting Service
  18 June 2004
Polytechnics University selects MOS5 as their hosting partner

1 Sept 2004
DHC selects MOS5 hosting service

MOS5 is proud to announce that DHC has selected MOS5 as their hosting

DHC is the number one mail-order skincare and makeup company in Japan and
continues to increase its audience worldwide.


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23 June 2004
Before You Buy a Web Hosting Service
Author: A¡DTsui
Following the price drop in computer equipments especially the storage prices, web hosting companies would be able to offer low cost hosting solutions to the customers. This is good news to customers where the price of typical hosting for low traffic sites has dropped from HKD 200 to around HKD 80 or even less.

When you're going to put your web page up on the Internet, you need a hosting service provider. They range from free services with few options (the drawback to most free hosting services is that they are funded by advertising placed on your site) up to expensive business hosting and even hosting you run yourself. Which option you choose depends upon how you plan to use your Web site, how much you want to spend, and how much time you want to spend maintaining the servers that make up the web site.

So, how to choose your web hosting service providers?

If you have your own web page, it would be a relatively simple process in your journey in having your web presence.

Typically, these are the factors/features you need to consider:

  • Price (setup fees required?)
  • Web space (how many MB do you want?)
  • Email (how many accounts and MB do you need?)
  • Server power (how many clients are shared?)
  • Support
  • Web control panel
  • CGI Access (ASP, PHP etc)
  • Database (MySQL, MSSQL etc)
  • Bandwidth
  • Backup

You can prioritize the list above according to your needs. Most people put Price as their 1st priority but before going for the cheapest web hosting provider, you need to make some comparisons in their offerings.

If you don¡¦t have a web page and would like a one-stop-shop to do it for you, you¡¦d need to access their capability in Web Design. As some vendors outsource this task to freelancers, this may affect the quality and schedule. One (obvious) tips is to ask the vendor to send you their design profile.

If you are looking for more stuff such as an e-business website, the process will be more complicated and it will be discussed in our next release.

If you have any questions or would like to know what MOS5 can offer, please feel free to email us
sales@mos5.com or give us a call at 2189 7016.
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18 June 2004
Polytechnics University selects MOS5 as their hosting partner

School of Nursing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University -
Manulife Centre for Children with Specific Learning Disabilities


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