Everything you need for your ONLINE PRESENCE - Professional Website Design (with content management), Web Hosting, Online Storage (with GorillaMail) and Online Backup
MOS5 is a low cost and easy to use
Web Storage & Hosting service. We
offer a full range of services which
comes with a creation tool for
Website, Intranet/Extranet and
extensive control panel. You have
come to the right place for all your
hosting needs.
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  Canon, Li & Fung, Nike, Callisto,
Wellon Aquarium, Neway Karaoke, Ocean Park, Taibon, Ki Fung Gifts & Premium, KPMG, AT&T, HKCSL,
Cafe Deco, Hitachi Credit,
Polytechnics University, SonyˇK.

Own your business
If you are a
MOS5 customer, start earning today by joining MOS5 affiliate program.
Resellers will be able to enjoy 10% of the annual charge for each new customer, 3% of the
annual price for consecutive years (apply to all plans) credit to your account.*

This is a good opportunity to start your e-business, MOS5 manage all the technology and
infrastructure, all you need to do is sign up as a MOS5 customer, then you can start selling
our products and services.

As soon as the referred customers stay with MOS5, you will continue to earn commission,
apart from other one-off referral reward scheme from other hosting companies, this is a
very attractive offer that you can't miss. Start referring businesses to us and earn a recurring
revenue for you or your company, it's just a click away!

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Do you have any questions? Please contact affiliate@mos5.com or if you are able to send
more than 10 referrals per month.

* Only valid and available for existing customers.


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