> 1 Sept 2004  
  DHC selects MOS5 hosting service  
  > 23 June 2004  
  Before You Buy a Web Hosting Service  

  MOS5 Cabinet provides affordable web storage services for personal and businesses.
With the
GorillaMail features, you can now send really BIG files to your friends or business
without worrying about the mailbox and file size limit.
Cabinet 100-5
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Cabinet 2000-U
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  For Big file size and Regular Users For Hugh file size and Very Frequent Users
  HK $29 a month includes 100MB
storage and 3GB data transfer.
HK $299 a month includes 2G storage and
unlimited data transfer.
  Whether you are building your own web site for your hobby / family or a professional web site created to meet your specific business needs, our plans are designed for you. They come with everything you need at affordable prices.
  With MOS5 Backup, you can backup and restore interactively or schedule regular online backups. So, your personal / corporate important data files are protected and can be easily recovered from unexpected disasters.


  Everything you need for your ONLINE PRESENCE - Professional Website Design (with content management), Web Hosting, Online Storage (with GorillaMail) and Online Backup
  Professional Web Design
(10 pages) with COLON Content
  MOS5 Cabinet 100-3
  MOS5 Backup 300
  MOS5 Host 300-5
    [ more... ]
  Professional Web Design (30 pages, 1 Flash) with COLON Content (Internet+Intranet)
  MOS5 Cabinet 500-15
  MOS5 Backup 500
  MOS5 Host 500-40
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