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Here are John's needs:
  I want a Professional website.
  I want my website to be self-manageable.
  I might also want an Intranet for internal communications.
  And I am considering adding an Extranet to better communicate with my trading partners.
  Of course, I need someone to host the website for me. Email is a must.
  Though my mailbox is big enough, but when I send big attachments to my friends and partners, they often bounce back with a message of either "The file you sent has exceeded the file size limit" or "The recipient's mailbox is full". I need a tool to let me send them through.
  Sometimes, I want to share some mp3 and photos with my friends. And they want to share theirs to me as well!
  Once in a while, I lost my important files. I need a place to securely back them up.
If you also have similar needs of what John needs, MOS All-In-One is perfect for you.

PLAN Comparison

  Plan Value Standard Advanced Premium Additional  
  Setup free Free Free Free Free    
  Telephone support Free Free Free Free    
  Cost per month ** $588 $988 $2,888 $5,688    
  1-year Prepayment (/month) *** $500 $840 $2,450 $4,830    
  Included Items            
  INdesign - Professional web design            
  HTML page design 8 pages 10 pages 30 pages 50 pages $800/page  
  Flash n/a n/a 1 Flash 3 Flash $2000/flash  
  COLON Content - Content Management System          
  Extranet site content maintenance (customer site) n/a $500/month  
  Intranet site content maintenance (internal site) n/a n/a $500/month  
  Externet site Shopping cart (customer site) n/a n/a n/a $800/month  
  COLON Portal - Group sharing tools            
  Group Calendar - global group calendar sharing n/a n/a 10 users 25 users @ $50/mth  
  Group Task - task management system n/a n/a 10 users 25 users @ $25/mth  
  Group Resources - Group resources management system n/a n/a n/a 25 users @ $50/mth  
  COLON CRM Customer relation management            
  e-Marketing - eNews managmenet system n/a n/a $500/month  
  Indesign - eNews template design n/a n/a 1 1 $800/page  
  Membership - membership management system n/a n/a n/a $800/month  
  COLON CRM - customer, lead, enews management n/a n/a n/a 10 users @ $50/mth  
  Annual Maintneance            
  INdesign web page maintenance (per year) n/a 5 6 20    
  INdesign flash maintenance (per year) n/a n/a 1 2    
  INdesign enews page maintenance (per year) n/a n/a 1 1    
  COLON series software maintenance n/a    
  MOS5 Package            
  MOS5 Hosting Plan 510-10 Plan 510-10 Plan 840-40 Plan 1080-50    
  MOS5 Cabinet Plan C-100-5 Plan C-100-5 Plan C-500-U Plan C-2000-U    
All prices are in HK dollars, and are subject to change without notice.
All COLON series product is lite version package
** For monthly payment, 3 month deposit is required
*** For 1-year Prepayment, 12 months contract is required
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